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I’m more loyal than Kattappa: Harish Rao


The Telangana Minister for Irrigation and Waters T Harish Rao has made interesting comments about KCR and his family. He disclosed his real relationship with his uncle.

Being a nephew of the CM KCR or might it be the inbuilt firebrand quality, the Minister Harish Rao is considered as the second boss of TRS. Many thought that Harish will lead the TRS after KCR but Harish has his own intentions. Harish recently interacted with media and declared that his loyalty towards KCR is more than that of Kattappa to Baahubali. Harish said that he was so happy working under KCR and his relationship with him never gets damaged. Harish even said that he didn’t feel like he was the second boss as he is even ready to work under KTR if he becomes CM of Telangana in the future. He condemned all the rumors on his cold war with KCR and once again cleared that his uncle is his boss forever

Harish said that KTR is working very nice and he is the real heir of KCR’s visions. Harish feels that he enjoyed the Separate Telangana protest more than the ministry and power now.