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India Vs China – US Vs North Korea – War tensions!

India and China are having war tension at the border in North East. Both the nations were not ready to leave the issue and China gave series of warnings to India to allow them to construct the road. Bhutan’s deal with China and India several decades back turned controversial and the two upcoming super powers were set to fight for the disputed region. On the other hand, North Korea tested their war heads and their tests indicate that they were targeting US base camps.

Apart from this, North Korea mentioned that their war heads have nuclear capabilities and they are ready to fight with US. Responding back, US sent few super sonic jets to the islands near North Korea. Japan and South Korea had an emergency meeting with USA and they have decided to protect their nations from the North Korean attacks. For now, war tension is on progress all over the world but none of the nations is making is a move which is a good sign. Hope everything gets resolved with talks.