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Indian singer attempted suicide knowing husband’s death


Indian singer Nitya Sree was presently in hospital in a critical situation. She attempted suicide knowing that her husband Mahadevan died few hours back. Persons nearby rushed her to the hospital and the doctors revealed that her situation is presently critical.

It seems that Nitya Sree’s husband Mahadevan was going in a car at 1PM today. Suddenly Mahadevan asked the driver to stop the car near a bridge. Even before the driver reacted, Mahadevan jumped into the river and committed suicide. Rescue team took risk and rushed him to the hospital but the doctors declared that he was dead. This suicide incident took place near Kotturpuram Bridge, Chennai.

Nitya Sree came to know about her husband’s death at 2:30PM. Soon after knowing this issue from the Police, she ran into her room and attempted suicide. Her well wishers took charge and admitted in a nearby hospital. Presently her situation is critical and the latest report is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates of this incident.