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Indian student hacked University website to get a seat!

Reporting ransomware, other cyber threats – your legal obligations

Students in South India were said to be quite smart. Looks like a lad proved the same by hacking Madras University website to get a seat. It seems that this student is quite interested to work on Cyber Security and he wants to get a seat in Madras University which is offering a course on Cyber Security. The university officials mentioned him that he has to write the entrance to get into the course. The student wrote the exam but failed to get into the university.

On this, he tried to show his skills to the university officials by hacking the Madras University website and mentioning that he did this not to steal any information but to request for a seat in their university. He further mentioned that the website was quite weak and is easily hack-able. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a seat as Indian universities believe that theory and bookish knowledge is more important than practical knowledge. We have to see if any foreign university offers a free seat to this bright lad.