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Inferiority complex to create war between USA – North Korea

In-Talk: North Korea’s comedy game with Trump!

Looks like the biggest problem in USA Vs North Korea is the inferiority complex. Both the nations were not able to digest the fact that they were being seen as inferior. USA is not accepting the North Korea’s comments of getting smashed, if war breaks between the two nations. On the other hand, North Korea is not ready to accept that it is inferior to USA in case of weaponry. The nuclear tests happening in North Korea turned out to be a big nightmare for South Korea, USA and Japan.

Recently, North Korea fired few missiles on top of Japan to show that they are in the radar. The sixth nuclear test which was conducted by North Korea is considered to be a dangerous attempt for USA. This can create hell lot of damage to USA’s territories and hence Trump decided to launch F 35B and B1 bombers into the attack. We have to see what happens in near future.