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Inspiring act: Indian Army wives attacked terrorists

Indian Army gives nod for release of surgical strikes’ video footage

In an inspiring act in Jammu, Indian Army soldiers wives attacked terrorists who tried to attack the homes of Indian soldiers and take their families as hostages. It seems that two wives of Indian Army soldiers attacked the terrorists with household items and made them run for their lives. These wives were on duty at the night to protect the quarters and they suddenly encountered attack from terrorists.

To take revenge on the government, terrorists are trying all the ways to put pressure on the government. As a part of this act, terrorists were stated to have planned to attack the quarters of Indian Army. They tried to enter as cops and the Indian Army soldiers wives who were on duty at the night got doubt on these cops and they started attacking the terrorists.

Feared for their lives, the terrorists were said to have fled away from that spot calling off their plan of kidnapping few family members. These wives were said to be the mothers of new born babies. This proves the fact that the wives of Indian Army soldiers are not an inch less than their husbands who are striving for the nation. Inspiring act mothers, we respect you.