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Inspiring India – Supreme Court being considered as a holy place

Supreme Court, which previously pushed the cases backward to later dates and finally used to give judgement after several years, turned super active. In just 3 days, Supreme Court gave its judgement on 3 tough aspects. One is the Triple Talaq custom which Supreme Court banned saying the majority doesn’t accept it. Another one is the privacy aspect of Indians. On this the court stated that individual privacy is far above anything else in the nation.

The last one is the fake Babas in India. Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been finalized as guilty in the case and the court without making a delay ordered the Police forces to arrest him on the spot and put him in the jail on the charges mentioned. With this fast judgement process and a matured thinking style, India is turning into an amazing place. Currently youngsters were treating Supreme Court as a holy place in India and the center for India’s progress.