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Intel and Microsoft doing great business in Indian villages!

Intel and Microsoft, the top giants in USA market were doing great business now in Indian villages. As per the story, Indian villages were now turning digital and the demand for laptops is on peaks. It seems that few banks were offering zero percentage interest and loan facility for this commodity and people were buying it like crazy. As Intel processors were on high demand in India and people specifically look for Intel Inside logo on the laptops, this company is said to be having good profits for these regions.

It is quite rare for Indians to use linux and they prefer windows, which is helping Microsoft build great business in India. Most of the people who buy laptops were getting recommendations from their friends and relatives who are in cities and in foreign locations. Most of them are suggesting Intel and Windows as they are good and easy for beginners. This is raising the sales and the banks were putting more fuel into the ignition by offering loan facilities and other benefits.