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Iphone X – Need a Kidney + Liver

There is a humorous sequences which goes in Indian market soon after the release of Iphone new series. Last time, people mentioned that they need to sell their Kidney to buy an Iphone. The price of Iphone was too high compared to its competitors that people humorous mentioned this sort of statements in social media. There are even few cartoons showing Kidney as an option in the payment cart along with debit card and credit card.

The new series of Iphone X is looking stunning and the cost if $999. Now the new cartoon which is trending in social media is the Kidney + Liver. The features of Iphone X were matching the current generation trends and the phone too looks perfectly stylish. Apple made it for sure that people go for Iphone X instead of Iphone 8, by showing a difference in features and the price accordingly. Lets wait to see this phone in the market.