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J.C Diwakar Reddy shocked all Telangana leaders


The Anantapur TDP M.P J C Diwakar Reddy made headlines today as his recent actions have surprised all the Telangana leaders and Legislators irrespective of their parties.

All of a sudden, this senior MP has shown up at the Telangana Assembly house where the Winter sessions are ongoing. He has met the Congress senior leader K Jana Reddy and Finance Minister Etela Rajender Reddy. His meetings have surprised all but the points he has discussed have shocked the leaders. Diwakar Reddy opined that the two backward districts Anantapur and Kurnool should have been merged with Telangana for nice development. He claims that those two districts are ill-treated by Andhra Pradesh government post bifurcation. This has been in discussions as the issue of ‘Rayala-Telangana’ was once again came into picture due to Diwakar. He went further and said that if those two districts are merged in Telangana, they can ask for enough shares in Krishna Waters along with Andhra Pradesh.

Here, as the interaction is almost completed, Diwakar’s indirect comment on his party TDP’s Supreme Chandrababu Naidu has made people to raise eyebrows. As the Finance Minister of Telangana E.Rajender questioned regarding the allocation of waters from Srisailam to those two districts, Diwakar answered anti to CBN. He said that the waters or development, everything depends on the mercy of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. He indirectly hints about the partiality of CBN over some districts in AP.