Telugu Politics

Jagan anticipates elections in 2017


The YSRCP founder and head Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy has his own speculations regarding the future of India and in particularly Andhra Pradesh.

Y.S Jagan is taking the time to analyze the moves of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in recent times. After reading his latest slogan of ‘One Nation and One Election’ followed by the sensational demonetization, Jagan predicts that Modi is planning for a single big General Election for entire India including every state.

In one of his recent meetings, Y.S Jagan shared his ideas and analysis with his leaders. He states that with his demonetization plan, Modi thinks that the entire nation would vote him and for his oppositions, there is no enough currency for election campaigns. Jagan even anticipated that the upcoming U.P elections in coming March might get postponed in order to have common elections for the entire nation of India.

Further, Jagan asked all his MP’s and MLA’s to visit their respective constituencies frequently to mingle with people for strong cadre. He put a target of minimum 16 days for them to spend in their constituencies. He finally asked them to make themselves ready and get mentally prepared to face Elections next year. Seems Jagan is now turning out to be a matured politician.