Telugu Politics

Is Jagan attacking or helping CBN?


Politics being an interesting and unpredictable place can turn anything upside down with one move or one master plan. Sometimes, the strategies work perfect and sometimes, those come and hits back like a boomerang.

Earlier, we have seen how the allegations of CBN on Y.S Jagan regarding the black money deposits after demonetization have actually hit back. The same happened for Y.S Jagan now. None can forget the ‘Cash for Vote’ scam. It was actually a wonderful chance for opposition leader Jagan to attack CBN. After failed to bring pressure on CBN with verbal wars, YSRCP camp has chosen the legal way.

YSRCP Mangalagiri M.L.A Alla Ramakrishna Reddy has filed a case in ACB against CBN for his involvement in ‘Cash for Vote’ scam. As the ACB Court taken the case and investigating it, CBN took the help of High Court in Hyderabad. Shockingly, High Court has given a clean chit to CBN. YSRCP and its lawyers have failed to intensify the case as HC made it clear that since there are no proofs in CBN bribing Stephenson.

If we look carefully, YSRCP Supreme Jagan and its MLA’s have indirectly helped CBN to clean all his dirt regarding the ‘Cash for Vote’ scam. It also made them lose any chance of attacking CBN about the scam anytime in the future politics.