Telugu Politics

Jagan finally opens his mouth on demonetization


After keeping mum for 2 weeks after the ban of currency notes, Finally, the Opposition leader Y.S Jagan has opened his mouth on the demonetization in his own intelligent way.

Jagan has visited and supported the protest of residents regarding the Divis Laboratories in Rajahmundry. After talking about the protest, he shared his views on the demonetization. The opposition party chief stated that any citizen of India would feel happy and welcome the decision of PM Modi’s ban but the fact that the present situation in the Nation was not at all going in the right way. He opined that no Indian was feeling good at the way the Centre responding the issues after the ban as the common man is the most sufferer with this ban.

Jagan cleverly classified himself as the Opposition leader. Being an Opposition leader, he said he has the responsibility to address the problems of common man in his State. So he declared that the people of his state are suffering from the scarcity of notes and required change for the big new notes issued by the government of India.

YSRCP supremo finally concluded saying that both he and his common man will follow whatever the Central and State government will say as they have no power but to follow. Even though he spoke with intelligence by being neutral, people can see his clear agenda of skipping this issue with care.