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What for Jagan luring Andhra BJP leaders?


YSRCP Supreme Jagan has been concentrating more on the upcoming General Elections of 2019. As a part of his future plan, he has started implementing it.

With a huge loss of about 20 MLA’s from his camp who were jumped into TDP, he has now decided to attract some powerful leaders from other parties. Rather than the jumped MLA’s, he was rumored to be attracting BJP leaders in Andhra Pradesh. According to the sources close from YSRCP Camp, Jagan has offered MLC post for the west Vijayawada MLA Vellampalli Srinivas as an invitation to YSRCP. This has now become an interesting news for the Andhra political leaders and analysts. Sources add more information that Jagan actually looking forward to attracting more BJP leaders in the AP.

Meanwhile, some low profile leaders along with political analysts are in an opinion that this operation of attracting BJP leaders is of no use. We know that BJP has no powerful cadre or range in AP other than the support of TDP. They suggest that despite attracting BJP leaders, Jagan should concentrate more on attracting TDP leaders for winning the coming general elections.