Telugu Politics

Jagan’s rarest pic is a treat to watch


For all the enthusiasts and political fans of Telugu states, here comes one of the rarest photos of Opposition leader Jagan.

The above photo belongs to the YSRCP President YS Jagan in his young age. This photo was taken when he was in last stages of High school. We can see YS Jagan posing in his style along with his friends. Despite political stands and interests, one can’t stop getting excited about this picture where Jagan is looking like a young chap. He looks so lively, tall, handsome and active in the photo. After entering into politics, he has been fighting with ruling party before and after 2014 general elections without rest. He was always seen emotional, serious and committed to his goals in his 44th year. Such leader in this photo is looking entirely different with playful features.

Such photos come out rarely and we should not miss to watch them. Have a glance at the young Jagan for some moments. Meanwhile, the fans and supporters of Jagan are sharing this photo on their social networking sites.