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Jana Sena’s 175 seats – A warning to Mitron?

Pawan Kalyan’s “Jana Sena” is coming up with analytics and statistical approach. Recently, the party members posted a tweet which says like “Jana Sena” is looking to contest in elections in 175 locations. Later on, the tweet has been removed but it already went into the public making it a big discussion point. “Why did Jana Sena include that tweet and why did it remove all of a sudden?” turned interesting.

This will give shivering in the spines of the ‘Mitron’ parties, TDP and BJP. It is a fact that Pawan Kalyan’s presence in the elections will make votes gets disturbed. It will majorly affect the vote bank of TDP and BJP. If this happens, YSRC may get into power, just like how Congress got into power due to PRP in 2009 elections. As TDP and BJP were not caring much about issues raised by Pawan Kalyan, the latest tweet is considered to be a warning to ‘Mitron’.