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Janasena Chief inspired from NTR Sr


It is not a wrong thing to follow the success track paved by some legendary persons in any field. Mainly, politics is one such thing to always follow seniors. Now the Janasenani Pawan Kalyan has decided to follow the legendary NTR.

Earlier, in the times of 1982 when the NTR Sr declared that he will enter politics, one of the best things he has done was Party’s songs. He made it sure that the songs reflect the manifesto of Telugu Desam Party. The songs helped a lot in reaching the ideologies of NTR to the masses and also played a vital role in bringing the power. After launching the party in 2014 post-bifurcation, Jansena Chief too entered politics with the party’s theme song ‘Toorupu dikku Erupekki’. Now after 2 and half years, he has decided to implement the same thing done by NTR Sr. He has been in touch with one of his favorite Telugu music directors to compose some powerful tunes for Janasena Party. He has asked some regional famous writers to provide strong lyrics to go into the minds of people.

Political analysts opined that this is a nice move by Pawan Kalyan to increase the buzz of his party Janasena. Now the followers are going gaga imagining these powerful songs with heavy words mashed up with Pawan’s speech dialogues in middle. For sure this is going to impact a little for voters.

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