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Janasesani interacts with Agrigold sufferers


The Powerful leader Pawan Kalyan has come all the way to Vijayawada to meet and hear the problems of Agrigold sufferers in the state of AP.

It’s a known thing that many people invested amounts in Agrigold Finance scheme and got cheated as the company went bankrupt. This age old issue which has been dragged since 2015 or so has seen an addressed in Pawan Kalyan. With the invitation of the sufferers, Pawan attended the special meeting on Agrigold issue with people in Vijayawada. Pawan, however, opined that governments have made a small issue into big without condemning this problem at the earliest. He said that he can’t blame the ruling party TDP like oppositions but he felt that the government is not responding well to backup the sufferers. He finally demanded the government to quickly solve this problem by seeking the help of PM Modi and national level top economists.

Despite failing to demand a deadline from the government, Pawan suggested a quick salvation. He asked the government to hand over the assets of Agrigold like Haailand and sell them to distribute people’s money.