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Jayalalitha’s photo replaced with Sashikala in new calendars!


Tamil Nadu’s Ex-CM Jayalalitha’s demise turned to be a great loss to the AIADMK party. As per the information, the party has ordered lots of calendars with Jayalalitha’s photo to be distributed to the people in the new year. This order was taken when Jayalalitha was alive. Now, as things got changes, the photos in these calendars are now said to be replaced with Sashikala’s photo instead of Jayalalitha.

Looks like AIADMK, is not planning to use Jayalalitha’s sentiment and is aiming to popularize Sashikala to make sure that the party gets enough recognition by the time of next elections. There is lot of time for Tamil Nadu to go to elections and by that time if AIADMK can popularize Sashikala, the party may be back into power. With the support from BJP government AIADMK is planning to crush the opposition once again Tamil Nadu.

Few were feeling sad about the replacement of the photos while few were understanding the intention behind it and were appreciating AIADMK for the come back in political arena.