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Jayalalitha’s property goes to the nation – No more war!

Jayalalitha speaks for a few minutes: Apollo Chairman

Soon after Jayalalitha’s death, discussion has been going on regarding the property distribution. Jayalalitha is said to be having few hundreds of Crores worth property and no heirs. Deepa, a relative of Jayalalitha came on to the media saying that she is the heir of Jayalalitha. Sashikala and her family who were living in Jayalalitha’s residences were said to be the ones who will be getting the property.

A new aspect came on to the limelight and this aspect gives clarity on who should get her property. It seems that Jayalalitha wrote the entire property to the nation. As per the will, her property goes to the nation after her death. So, after the last rites (Peddha Karma), the entire property of Jayalalitha, all over India will be taken up by the government. Jayalalitha is said to have taken this decision after she encountered illegal assets case and struggled with it for long time.

Now Jayalalitha got even more respect in the hearts of people.