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Johnson and Johnson fined for 2700 Crores

Baby products company Johnson and Johnson which is quite popular in India too, faced a fine of almost 2700 Crores. As per the story, a woman from Los Angeles filed a complaint in the court saying that she got cancer after using the Johnson and Johnson product. She further stated that she has been using the product from the last 60 years and cancer got developed slowly due to the product.

Court took the case seriously and imposed a fine of 2700 Crores on Johnson and Johnson. This is said to be the highest fine for a company in this domain. The officials from Johnson and Johnson stated that their product cannot cause cancer and they will prove it with evidence. As of now, the woman won the case and is expected to get 2700 Crores for her treatment while Johnson and Johnson were trying to show the evidence that their product is safe to use. We have to see if this shows any impact on the worldwide sales of this company’s products.