Telugu Politics

Joining NDA is only way KCR can get recognition


Despite his enormous following and craze that Telangana CM KCR has in the T-State, he is almost unrecognizable in the Nation’s capital New Delhi. However, our enthusiastic political analysts are here to discuss some valid points for his low profile.

Since the times of KCR when he was a minister back in the rulings of TDP and Congress, he never used to visit and interact with local residents from the Telugu states. After coming into power, he continued ignoring the Telangana Bhavan which is a part of Andhra Bhavan in New Delhi.

Whenever he visits Delhi, he used to stay in her daughter Kavita’s government residence. Another fact that his ignorance with powerful National media in one or two instances have made him far from National coverage. But we can see the equations are changing as he started supporting and pampering the prominent top leaders of BJP in recent times. Analysts feel that he should accept wide media coverage by interacting with them frequently. They also feel that KCR should start interacting with local Telanganites by organizing special meets in Telangana Bhavan. Last but not the least, he will get more recognition from center and media by joining the NDA government.

If not him, at least the Ministers or MP’s should have their share of spending time in New Delhi whenever they can. Some feel that KCR and his government should learn from CBN and Y.S Jagan how to get recognition in the Capital city Delhi. Hope KCR gets much-needed recognition in New Delhi soon.