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Journey hero Jai to get arrested?

“Journey” fame hero Jai, who appeared in the film “Raja Rani” as Nayantara’s lover who betrays her due to fear, is now back in news again Tollywood. The reason is that the Tamil Film Industry is currently discussing on the story between Jai and Telugu heroine Anjali. These duo were said to be in love and the gossips are raising in the industry that they will get married soon. In between, few aspects raised in the media and Jai was involved in an accident.

It seems that his car lost control and dashed the divider. Police officials were said to have finalized that Jai was under alcohol effect while the accident happened. Case is running in the court and Jai was asked to appear before the judge. The hero skipped the summon twice and the judge angrily issued arrest warrant on Jai. In a week time, Police officials have to trace him and bring him before the judge, is the verdict. We have to see what happens to this hero and the case. Stay tuned for more updates.