Telugu Politics

JP’s views on A.P government


The true leader who has founded corruption less party Lok Satta has opened up his mouth on TDP government. He has made some suggestions to the state for development.

The party’s supreme who bid farewell to Politics has spoken about the CBN’s failures. He said that the politics in A.P has reached a level of pure drama such that the leaders are so keen on money than developing the state. He opined that the CM has been spending a lot for conducting public events and working as an event organizer rather than CM of the state. JP clarifies that the state wants an experienced CM like CBN to construct a good capital but not for fake schemes which are not even started and implemented.

JP then gave some suggestions to the state for the development. He asked CM to immediately chop all the corrupted leaders from his party. He asked people to elect Ministers and CM directly by voting than a party to select their portfolios. JP declared that the upcoming general elections will be so critical to all parties such that all parties have equal chance to win. He urged people to be more careful while selecting their leaders.