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Kajal Agarwal became Mary Kom’s ‘Ekalavya’!


Sexy beauty Kajal Agarwal is now coming up with a tomboy character in the upcoming South Indian film “Thupaki”. To embed herself perfectly in the character, Kajal Agarwal is seeing the videos of Olympics champion Mary Kom. She turned into an “Ekalavya” treating Mary Kom as her master.

“Mary Kom is a great boxer. I am learning a lot watching her videos. I observed her attitude and body language while fighting with opponents. This helped me a lot in making  myself comfortable in the role,” says Kajal Agarwal. Analysts are saying that, “Even though Mary Kom didn’t teach Kajal Agarwal personally, this beauty took the form of ‘Ekalavya’ and learnt all the lessons.”

Even though Kajal Agarwal is acting in the role of a tomboy in this film, she is preferring to act as girl-next-door in the future projects. It seems that she likes to be girlish rather than tomboy. We have to wait for some more time to know whether Kajal Agarwal acts beside Akshay Kumar in the Hindi Version of “Thupaki”.