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Kajal shocked media with her relationship rumor

Smiling sensation Kajal Agarwal is all set to rule the roost in Tollywood with series of films in the form of “Nayak”, “Badshah” and “Sarocharu”. Few years back, this heroine faced the agitation of few film producers for saying that “I never considered myself as a South Indian actress.” But now chances are oozing out in Tollywood for this pretty beauty.

Latest buzz in Tollywood is that this beauty expressed few lines about her live-in relationship status. It seems that few segments of media published that this actress is in a deep relationship with hero Ram. Speaking about this issue, she confirmed that it is just a rumor.

The interesting thing in this issue is that this rumor didn’t make its way in Telugu film industry. Media was shocked when Kajal revealed this issue. Generally, rumors in Tollywood will spread like a forest fire and Kajal Agarwal being the ace actress faces this issue more seriously. But her live-in relationship rumor with Ram was not so popular. Now it is spreading extensively with the statement of Kajal Agarwal that this relationship is just a rumor!