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Kamal Hassan’s Dengu attack on Tamil Nadu government

Rajinikanth Vs Kamal Hassan – Political war!

Versatile actor Kamal Hassan mentioned that his daughter would have died of Dengu in the past and the reason for getting such a situation is the poor administration of Tamil Nadu government. It is known that the number of Dengu cases were raising in Tamil Nadu region and the government is trying to control the deaths. Kamal Hassan fired on the government saying that the politicians should give way to the ones who can do it, if they don’t know how to do it.

From the past few days, Kamal Hassan has been commenting more on the political aspects in Tamil Nadu. He was commenting on Rajinikanth too which turned sensation in the media. Seeing all of this, people were saying that Kamal Hassan may enter politics soon. It is always the internal fire which sets the person take up the unexpected. Looks like, Kamal Hassan is on the same path and seeing his social media comments we can say that he may surprise everyone one day soon.