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Karate story: This is the difference between US and India!


Most of the people ask what is exactly the difference between India and USA. Here is a story which shows the difference between the two nations. A person named Jamil Pathan Khan who is from Telengana is a Karate expert. He won several Gold medals in international competitions but never got the recognition from the government.

Pathan Khan was in poverty for almost 16 years and he requested several ministers to recognize him for the effort he is putting for the nation. Vexed up with the situation in India, Pathan Khan signed a 3 years agreement with a US based Karate club and he participated in international events representing USA. He won Gold medals and is now a big shot in USA in this domain.

Speaking on his past experience, Pathan Khan says that he will continue representing USA as it recognized his talent. People who are knowing about the Pathan story were saying that this is the difference between India and USA. Except for Cricket no other sport gets good recognition and except for engineers and doctors, Indian parents very rarely encourage their kids to take up other passions. Brain drain is obviously expected!