Telugu Politics

KCR following West Bengal policy – 500 Crores to Police!

Telengana CM KCR is now following the West Bengal policy of conducting meetings with entire Police department. Around 1500 Police officials who are till SI cadre were invited for the meeting with KCR in Hitex. Appreciating their involvement in securing the state, CM KCR granted 500 Crores for the purchase of new vehicles and up-gradation of weapons. Adding to this, huge area of land was allocated for the Police force for their training and expansion process.

Political analysts mentioned that the West Bengal communists moved amicably with the Police force in the past and it helped them politically through various aspects. Looks like KCR, who already won the hearts of Telengana people with several schemes, is now tuning Police department to make the state more secured and perfect. This may further help him during the elections time and there is a saying that people may forget what you spoke to them but they will never forget how you treated them. Police department, in future, may never forget what KCR is doing to them.