Telugu Politics

KCR pampering Media houses!!!


CM KCR has already getting ready to woo the upcoming general elections of 2019. As a part of his master plans, he has finally decided to befriend all the Print and Electronic Media houses.

After getting into Power, we have seen the dictatorship behavior of KCR by banning media and TV channels like TV9 and ABN. But he has been in good touch to Ramoji Rao’s media knowing the immensity of that media giant. Apart from that, he has his own government channel called T-news. As a strategy, he has started pampering all the major media houses in Telangana except his rivals TV9 and ABN. he has recently appointed former Congress MP Vivek as the TRS government’s interstate affairs. He has nice interactions with media houses when he worked for congress.

With this movie, almost all the T state channels like V6, T-news and others will be in good relations with TRS government. Already he has a good bond with Ramoji Rao who covers ETV and other newspapers. Thus the KCR is consolidating all the major media houses as a part of his election strategy.