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KCR revealed the Floride secrets of Telengana districts

Floride in drinking water made several people in few Telengana districts have disability. This just didn’t stop with one generation but went on for several generations. The reason for this has been explained by KCR. In an event in Suryapet, TRS leader KCR mentioned that the Congress government of the united Andhra Pradesh, did the worst mistake of constructing Nagarjuna Sagar project 19 kms ahead of what was actually planned.

KCR mentioned that Nagarjuna Sagar’s actual name was Nandhikonda project and the then Congress government for the sake of money and relations, moved the project 19kms ahead than what was planned. This resulted in the underdevelopment of Nalgonda and eventually raised the Floride problem in the region. KCR finalized that the party knows what is good for the state and will do it accordingly. He further stated that no other party in Telengana knows the region better than TRS and the current government will take all the steps to make the region prosper again.