Telugu Politics

KCR’s 3 crores funds for Telangana Collectors


The Chief Minister of Telangana KCR has conducted his first review meeting of his newly formed districts with respective official heads.

The review has taken place inside the newly constructed massive Pragati Bhavan in CM’s new office. All the district Collectors, Joint Collectors, SPs and Corporate Commissioners have participated in this big meeting with KCR. The room is so big such that the farthest persons who sat opposite to KCR can’t see him clearly. For the sake of it, they have arranged 14 big LCD TVs for a clear view. This is an incredible meeting hall which was planned by CM KCR himself.

The review meeting is all about the present situations of the newly formed 31 districts, their position, and development. After knowing the status of those districts, KCR has offered 3 crores to all the district collectors to use that money readily for some urgent and crucial works for their districts. If any collector feels something necessary, he/She can immediately use that 3 crores without asking permission of state Government. This is a wise step from CM as collectors can do their work without waiting for funds.