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KCR’s amazing shock to Telengana govt employees


Telengana CM KCR has recently given amazing shock to Telengana government employees. As per the details, KCR initially mentioned that the government would pay all the government employees Rs.10000 as cash and remaining amount as a bank transaction into their account. But RBI gave a strong ‘NO’ to this aspect and now KCR and his team were in trouble.

The government employees who were expecting cash were now firing on the Telengana government for not keeping up its words. Giving cash to government employees will help them in reducing their effort and time of going to the banks or atm centers. On the other hand, private employees were firing on Telengana government on why the government is giving this facility only to its employees and is not making it a rule for all the companies in Telengana.

In another couple of hours, Telengana government needs to deposit the salaries into the employees accounts. “Will Telengana government keep up its word of giving cash or will it be an online transfer?” turned to be an interesting question.