Telugu Politics

KCR’s move lead Hyderabad to stand first in Income Tax


Hyderabad has become the highest income tax collector in this financial year in the country with enormous revenue and incredible growth in percentage.

The city has collected almost 1,722 crores of rupees in the form of Income Tax by the end of November against last year’s revenue 489 crores of rupees. The growth is the highest in the country with 2500 percentage. This has achieved by CM KCR’s brilliant move. As the PM Modi has banned currencies of 500 and 1000, KCR has offered the people of Telangana to pay their current, pending and next year Taxes with old 500 and 1000 notes. This has made the difference in a big way. The Hyderabad people has paid the taxes with old notes resulting in enormous growth.

This is the brilliant move by KCR to utilize demonization in a perfect way to cope up with the losses of the State’s finance. The Capital New Delhi has stood in the second spot with 2,434 % growth followed by Surat and Gujarat Municipal corporations.