Telugu Politics

KCR’s new project – Cashless Telengana!


The best way to get the attention of people is to change the strategies as per the trend and do something meaningful which helps the public. KCR knows this perfectly and hence he decided to include a new project ‘Cashless Telengana’ in his account. As per this project, KCR is planning to change the money based transactions modes in Telengana.

Instead of cash, KCR is planning to make people use more cashless methods like online transactions, cheques and cards. KCR spoke to the media on this saying that the pilot project will start from Siddipet and all the districts in Telengana will be follow this route. Transactions below Rs.500 can be in cash but anything above should be a cashless transaction, is the main motto of this project.

Apart from the water resources projects and development projects in Telengana, this ‘Cashless Telengana’ project is all set to take a special slot in KCR’s achievements and successful implementation of this project will surely help him in the next elections promotions.