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KCR’s new weapon for opposition:Suspension Whip


The dictatorship qualities of Telangana CM KCR has once again in news with his new rule for his Assembly sessions to control the oppositions.

Going into the details, all the past Assembly sessions were full of Sessions stalled by Opposition leaders by digging into the Speaker’s well. Now the CM KCR has proposed a new rule to control this situation in the upcoming Assembly sessions from 16th of this month. This proposal states that if any leader protests by entering into the well will be suspended for one day. If the leader digs into the well two times, then the leader will be suspended for one complete week. If any leader enters into the well thrice or more times, then that particular leader will be suspended for the entire session. As of now, this proposal is sent to the Speaker of Telangana Assembly. The Speaker will discuss this in the BAC meeting. But sources say that this rule will be okayed for sure with the backing of CM himself.

Frustrated with this proposal the opposition leaders of Telangana are firing at CM KCR by ridiculing this new proposal as anti-constitutional. They are questioning about the KCR’s protests by digging into the wells in Parliament and Assembly multiple times before 2014 in the demand for Telangana. They say that the demand and debate on problems of people of Telangana are more important that achieving Telangana. Hope the upcoming Telangana Assembly Sessions will go smoothly with healthy discussions.