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KCR’s operation helped Telengana get 143 Crores!


Telengana’s CM KCR is known for his amazing plans and strategies to make the city of Hyderabad look much better. The first thing KCR did after getting into the throne is the raise of security in the city. KCR gifted new vehicles to the police department and upgraded their weapons. Apart from this, he even used special teams to catch the gangsters in the city.

KCR’s operation on the Nayeem’s encounter episode turned to be a gold to Telengana government. As per the information, Nayeem’s property came close to almost 143 Crores. This includes the land and cash which the Telengana government took back from the gangster. Around 1000 acres of land is said to have recovered from Nayeem and few crores of cash too came into the Telengana government’s treasury. Bonus element is the safety to the people in the city from the gangster.

KCR is aiming to target few more gangsters in the city and he is planning to make Hyderabad a very safe place to live in.