Telugu Politics

Khaidi No.150 Vs GPSK is now YSRC Vs TDP!


TDP is supporting “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni” as the venture reflects the history of the South Indian kings. Few political analysts mentioned that the real reason for TDP to support this venture is the relationship between Balayya and Chandra Babu. On the other hand, “Khaidi No.150” is coming up as a competitor to this flick.

Now, YSRC is said to be supporting this venture. There is a talk in the media that Jagan his fellow politicians from YSRC has taken a decision to support “Khaidi No.150”. This is said to be the real reason behind Roja coming up for the interview with Chiranjeevi. Caste plays a major role in politics and this too is favoring both Chiru and Jagan as Mega Family has good family relationships with reddys.

Looks like the film war turned into a political war in Andhra Pradesh. We have to see how wins in this prestigious battle at the box office. Both are looking equally strong and we have to wait till Pongal to see the final verdict.