Telugu Politics

Kodandaram’s consultancy services – West Bengal is first client


Telengana professor Kodandaram who successfully led T Movement, which resulted in the establishment of Telengana state, is now working back as professor. After long time, people from West Bengal approached him for consultancy services. Gorkhaland movement is now picking up in West Bengal region and few people from this movement approached Kodandaram for help and support.

Considering the cultural and linguistic differences from the Bengalis, Gorkhaland people were protesting for separate state and the government is in doubt on the judgement. Similar scenario was seen in case of Telengana and Andhra movement. Considering the similarity, Kodandaram got a call to give support to the Gorkhaland movement. We have to see if Kodandaram can help Gorkhaland people to win the battle. If this happens, we can expect Andhra people to seek Kodandaram’s help in “Special Status” aspect. Looks like, Kodandaram can start his consultancy services in the aspect of leading large movements.