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KTR gets invitation from Indo-Aussie leadership meet


The IT minister KTR has been invited by the committee of Indo-Australian leadership summit to attend and address the meeting which is going to be held on 5th December.

KTR who has been on a spree of visiting foreign countries has added one more invitation. With this, he has in total received 5 invitations in the span of 6 months, which is a remarkable achievement. So the Australian foreign Minister Julie Bishop has invited KTR by writing a letter to KTR to address the meeting. So KTR will go and address his State. He then goes on a quick tour of the country to notice the recent developments in technology. He will know the techniques of their successful management of their tropical resources which include flora and fauna.

This Indo-Australian meeting is the special meeting conducted in Melbourne on 5th December. Government officials and Prominent leaders from both the countries take part in this meeting. It;s a proud moment for the people of Telangana that their IT minister will address his State in this international meeting.