Telugu Politics

KTR lambasted Kodandaram for his actions


Telangana IT Minister KTR has lambasted on Prof. Kodandaram on his recent interaction with his media at his residence yesterday.

We all knew that Prof Kodandaram has participated in a public meeting along with TDP firebrand M.L.A Revanth Reddy. This has irked the Telangana Leaders. None other than CM KCR’s son KTR has fired on Kodandaram regarding this issue. KTR has asked Kodandaram how can he share the same stage with the opposition leader such as Revanth Reddy who has been continuously interrupting the development of Telangana. He shockingly stated that Kodandaram should feel ashamed to share the stage with Revanth who was the main accused in Cash for Vote scam.

Backing his father up. He claimed that the new CM camp office was not his father’s personal property. That office can be used by any person who becomes the CM of Telangana. He expressed his distress on Centre for not helping Telangana financially in regarding the currency ban.