Telugu Politics

KTR ridicules T-TDP and TPCC


Dynamic Telangana IT minister KTR has fired his version of bullets on his opposition parties in Telangana state. The minister of Urban development made some irking comments on CBN as well.

The minister KTR has participated in the launch of development schemes in the village of Peddapalli. To excite the leaders and audiences he made a short and sweet speech filled with bullets which are aimed at TDP and Congress. KTR declared that the TDP President and National Secretary Lokesh have packed their bags to Amravati permanently due to the power of TRS. He added that the so-called legacy carrying parties like Congress and TDP did spoil the State for the last 60 years and it took 3 years for TRS to clean the mud. KTR on this note cleared all that TDP with very limited leaders is trying to make comments only to prove their existence.

KTR also ridiculed the Congress that the present leaders are utilizing the work done by freedom fight like Mahatma Gandhi. He declared that if Congress is the past, the TRS is the future of Telangana.