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KTR’s movie style punch on CBN


Telangana IT Minister KTR has inaugurated the Redbike bicycles sponsored by Dr.Reddy labs in association with Cycle Bicycle company. On this occasion, he has thrown his own style of punch on Andhra CM CBN.

Dr. Reddy Laboratories Private Ltd has collaborated with Cykel Bicycles company to come up with Redbike bicycles which are specially designed to offer bicycle sharing program at Hyderabad. The main motto of this program is to provide eco-friendly pollution free transportation in the capital city. These bikes are launched by Minister KTR. After the inauguration, all the delegates and KTR have decided to have a ride. As he was obstructed by the group of photographers, he asked them to move aside. As one of the photographers asked him to ring the cycle bell, KTR answered in his own style which made everyone smile instantly. KTR asked them not to insult the ‘Cycle’ or else Chandrababu Naidu would get hurt in Telugu.

Dr. Reddy’s has planned to offer this service in Hyderabad to cover a distance of 15kms in Gachibowli area from 6 AM to 10 PM. They can book the cycles and timings via online or by an app. There is also a regular card service for daily users. They are charging 375 rupees per month. It’s a nice advantage to the citizens of Hyderabad to have healthy and cheap transport.