Telugu Politics

KTR’s new mission-Clean and Green Hyderabad!!!


The dynamic leader and Minister of multiple wings KTR has been working in parallel for all his duties. After all the foreign tours and getting projects for Telangana as IT Minister, now his role as Municipal Minister has come on-line.

Being the Minister of Municipality department, KTR has decided to make the Capital Hyderabad clean and green. He has passed an order to all the citizens of the capital to remove all the extra hoardings and extra advertisements in some Public areas.

Known for his intellectual schemes, he has imposed fines for people who cross this new rule. From now on, the wallpapers, posters, advertisements, banners, cutouts, writings on the walls are completely restricted. If anyone caught doing this, they will be imposed with a fine of 1000 for writings, 2000 for posters, 5000 for banners.

To monitor these activities, he has formed a new enforcement committee with Deputy Commissioner of Police as the head. This committee will start working on removal of these cutouts, banners and wallpapers in the city. The fines are given in the form f government challans which are payable at government offices and mee-seva centers. This is one strict rule taken by KTR to keep the Hyderabad clean and green in order to make it one of the best cities in India.