Telugu Politics

Lakshmi’s NTR to help YSRC in 2019 elections

RGV’s “Lakshmi’s NTR” is set to show the bitter truth in the life of NTR to the Telugu people. “What happened during the 90s in NTR’s life?” is an interesting question to all the Nandamuri fans. At that time, there is no social media and the other sources of media were quite slow in spreading the news and creating discussions among people. Before the discussion started in the fan base, the chapter got closed and new people took charge.

Amidst confusion, people got settled to see new set of leaders and slowly things got comfortable and smooth. Now again, RGV is raising the old issues, that too before 2019 elections. Analysts were saying that this helps YSRC to make it tough for TDP to win the elections. In 2014, KCR helped TDP in eliminating Congress from Andhra Pradesh and now RGV may push TDP back by showing NTR’s story. We have to see how TDP can stop RGV.