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Latest Buzz – Cardiac arrest to Jayalalitha!!


Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayalalitha, who is said to be recovering well from the health issue is now in serious condition again. As per the latest press release from Apollo Hospitals, Jayalalitha suffered a cardiac arrest and is under treatment. Few months back, Jayalalitha got sick and fainted in a meeting. She was rushed to the hospital and the doctors mentioned her situation to be very serious.

Later on, talk came out in the media that Jayalalitha was in coma and the hospital officials trashed it saying that it is a fake news and Jayalalitha is recovering well. The sugar levels in her body were said to have reached to a peak level and this caused the problem. She was said to be on ventilators for some time and later on news came out from the hospital that Jayalalitha was able to do her daily tasks and was able to talk to the politicians.

Today, Apollo released a press note saying that Jayalalitha has a cardiac arrest and she is being treated by specialists and critical care team.