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Latest Buzz: Police case filed on Pawan Kalyan!


Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s tweets were now turning into controversial aspects in the public. It is known that Pawan tweeted on national anthem and this turned sensation in social media. Seeing his twitter post, an advocate named Janardhan Goud filed a case in Hyderabad saying that Pawan is giving slogans against the nation.

Supreme Court made it clear that all the theatres should start the film shows with National Anthem. Supreme court mentioned that this will increase the levels of patriotism in people which will help the nation to grow better. On this Pawan Kalyan fired in his twitter account that why the political parties were not following the same when they start the party meetings.

This tweet got good response and Pawan recently mentioned about the special status too. Looks like Pawan is using twitter to turn the people’s attention towards his ideas. Janardhan Goud’s case may stop Pawan for a while but no one case stop Power Star in long run, at any cost.