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Lawrence facing financial problems!

Choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence is now facing huge financial problems in Telugu film industry. He was recently slapped with 2.5 Crores penalty as his last film “Rebel” faced bitter failure. It seems that the film producers of “Rebel” approached Producer’s Council and requested them to impose penalty on Lawrence.

At the beginning of the film, Raghava Lawrence made an agreement to finish the film shooting within a budget range of 22.5 Crores. But due to few internal reasons, this film’s final budget was dragged to 35 Crores. In spite of investing such huge amount, this film failed to entertain audience resulting in huge loss to the film producers.

Regarding this issue, the film producers approached Producer’s Council and lodged their complaint. Responding to this, the Producer’s Council issued notice to Lawrence to pay 2.5 Crores to the film makers. If he doesn’t pay that amount, he will be banned from Tollywood film industry. This act is focusing a fact that the Producer’s Council is warning all the film directors who exceeds initial film budget range.