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Limelight: Hyderabad Cricket Association’s 120 Crore scam


Hyderabad Cricket Association, which gave fine tuned cricketers to the Indian Cricket team is now under the limelight for a negative aspect. It seems that this Cricket Association did a scam of almost 120 Crores and this got revealed to the public and the media in the recent times. Seven members who are suspected to be a part of this scam were arrested and were now under investigation.

Section 403, 406 and 415 were filed on these members and they were said to have showed fake bills and bagged 120 Crores of money. Association president Arshad Ayub and secretary John Manoj and few other members of HCA were now under the investigation and the past members of this association too were under the limelight.

This is said to be the biggest scam in the history of Hyderabad Cricket Association and a 78 pages reports has been submitted by the appointed team to investigate on this topic.