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Limlight: 10 SBI bankers hand in Sekhar Reddy’s case!


TTD member Sekhar Reddy’s case is taking new turns. It is known that 132 Crores cash and 177 kgs of gold was caught in Sekhar Reddy house in the recent times and there were several big shot people behind this scam. Around 34 Crores of new currency was found in Sekhar Reddy’s house and how come he got that currency when common people are not even getting few thousands after standing in line for long time turned to be the question.

As per the information, the new currency which Sekhar Reddy has, came directly from the printing press. This cash is actually sent to SBI bank to distribute it to the people but it found its way to Sekhar Reddy’s home. Around 10 bankers were said to be involved in this operation and the details about them were set to hit the media. Looks like, bankers are now getting caught in large scale for doing scams.